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Nope is a movie that smartly plays with suspense and puts some exciting images on the screen but narratively the film is an almighty mess.

Nope is definitely the most ambitious feature Jordan Peele has directed so far, both in terms of story and visual style, but only a handful of the big swings he makes bear fruit.

As far as the direction goes, Peele has grown considerably since his break-out hit Get Out: he delivers a movie that smartly plays with suspense, puts some exciting images on the screen - that give your heartbeat a solid work-out - and proves himself as a director who is very much capable of producing spectacle for the masses.

Narratively Nope is an almighty mess on the other hand. It doesn't take long to be puzzled by the actions of the protagonists, while many of the subplots are either heavy-handed or downright perplexing, to say nothing of a third act that leaves half a dozen strands dangling.

Not helping either is the odd interplay between a mostly inactive Daniel Kaluuya and Kiki Palmer's wild screams. In a supporting role Steven Yeun is magnificent though. How much better would Nope have been with his character as the lead?

release: 2022

director: Jordan Peele

starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Michael Wincott, Steven Yeun


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