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The by-the-numbers storylines introduced in the film's second half severely undercut the originality displayed in its opening half hour.

Brian and Charles expands upon a charming short movie about a single Welsh man who cobbles together a quirky robot but the result is a mixed bag.

The first half hour hews closely to the original short and pleasantly explores the growing friendship between the central duo, with winning performances by David Earle and Chris Hayward. The design of Charles Petrescu, as the robot calls himself, also lends itself for fun comedy moments, while the Welsh landscapes give an extra layer of grounded reality to the film.

Brian and Charles starts to stumble once a too predictable love story is added to the equation and a local bully picks a fight with Brian over Charles. These by-the-numbers storylines severely undercut the must-see originality the picture displayed in its opening thirty minutes.

It’s not enough to completely derail Brian and Charles but it does take some of the gloss of this picture, that despite some questionable narrative decisions still is very much worth seeing.

release: 2022

director: Jim Archer

starring: David Earle, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey, Jamie Michie


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