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Ridley Scott makes a film so tedious that even the pantomime Italian accent of a stupendously bad Jared Leto fails to wake you up.

In his long and storied career director Ridley Scott has made masterpieces and misfires, wildly influential films and generic pictures alike. But up until now he had never made a movie that is dull from start to finish. House of Gucci unfortunately changes that.

It's hard to tell why exactly Scott wanted to make this film about the Italian fashion family as the script contains little to no compelling drama, while the characters are painted in such ludicrously broad strokes they might as well be see-through ghosts.

The only times House of Gucci momentarily gains a faint pulse are when the picture veers into outright camp, but contrary to what the trailer appears to promise, those moments are far and few between. And even then, it's hard be truly entertained by Jared Leto's unhinged pantomime schtick, Salma Hayek's abysmal performance or the barrage of bad Italian accents.

To be fair, leads Adam Driver and Lady Gaga do suggest a more interesting story underneath what's actually seen on-screen, but alas that tale is buried under a 158-minute snoozefest.

release: 2021

director: Ridley Scott

starring: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto


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