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The naturalistic directing style of Eskil Vogt lures you into its simple but effective narrative, even if The Innocents has glaring flaws.

With a brooding, suspenseful style and excellent performances by a young cast Norwegian supernatural thriller The Innocents has plenty going for it.

Set during a seemingly mundane Nordic summer the movie shows how four kids discover they have special powers but struggle to cope with them. If you think that sounds a lot like Chronicle, you wouldn't be wrong. Plotwise The Innocents has more than a passing resemblance to that film, but the much younger protagonists make for a viewing experience that enhances the nature-nurture debate much more intriguingly.

Helped by the excellent naturalistic directing style of Eskil Vogt the picture lures you into its simple but effective narrative and keeps you invested throughout. Unfortunately The Innocents also has flaws that seriously impact your enjoyment of the film.

The pace drags for one and the evolution of the young protagonists stalls rather quickly. But most worrying is the use of racial stereotypes in the film's choice of antagonist. That is an issue that lingers long after the end credits have rolled.

release: 2021

director: Eskil Vogt

starring: Rakel Lenora Fløttum, Alva Brynsmo Ramstad, Sam Ashraf, Mina Yasmin Bremseth Asheim


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