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Even if the final act is way too predictable and emotionally manipulative, We Have A Ghost is a mostly harmless, fun, family-friendly adventure.

With Happy Death Day and Freaky director Christopher Landon already proved that he has the chops to juggle horror and comedy. He does so again in We Have A Ghost, even if the film goes for a much broader audience than his previous pictures.

The title should give you a decent clue as to what the plot entails: a family moves into a new home and soon discovers the attic harbours a ghost. Unafraid of the ghost, the family posts a viral video online, which quickly gathers the attention of the government and the general public, with severe consequences for everyone involved.

If this sounds like a predictable Ghostbusters knock-off, you wouldn’t be wrong, but at least it’s a mostly enjoyable knock-off. The young leads are engaging, despite an overlong runtime the film has a decent rhythm and David Harbour is perfectly cast as the ghost.

The final act was way too predictable and emotionally manipulative for me, but the taste the ending left in my mouth wasn’t sour enough to wipe away the harmless fun of We Have A Ghost.

release: 2023

director: Christopher Landon

starring: David Harbour, Anthony Mackie, Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Isabella Russo, Jennifer Coolidge


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