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Jared Leto’s umpteenth obnoxious transformation is the least of the problems of this excessively boring origin story.

Sony takes yet another swing at a Spider-Man villain in the hopes of finally establishing that long-mooted Sinister Six match-up film, but whether audiences will be clamouring for it after the eyesore that is Morbius is a huge question mark.

After a promising opening sequence that is mysterious, brooding and darkly foreboding the picture completely loses its way, telling the most boring origin story you can imagine, barely brought to life with visuals that aren't just muddled, they're disorienting to the point of annoyance.

Further hamstrung by yet another self-indulgent transformative' performance by Jared Leto, who fails to see the inherent silliness of the movie, and a one-note antagonist - though former Doctor Who Matt Smith at least has fun, as he puts his tongue firmly in his cheek - Morbius drags itself to a predictable, instantly forgettable conclusion.

But not before laughably matter-of-factly tying the events of the movie into those of the Tom Holland Spider-Man films, raising the spectre of plenty more awful Morbius appearances to come.

release: 2022

director: Daniel Espinosa

starring: Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Adria Arjona


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